What is your forex trading stroy?

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We need your unique trading story for share, for discussion, for improving the system

  1. Name and Avator(or a photo) of trader
  2. You are a (short-term trader/day trader/swing trader/position trader/mechanical trader)
  3. Your story, your trading career, your way to forex trading
    Include below questions, write the story in your own way, answer the question in order unnecessarily.
  • When and how you begin to trade forex?
  • What is your initial capital?
  • How many times your account be wiped out?
  • Have you been able to consistently make a profit? Have you found your own way(your trading system)?
    (description about your own trading system: rules of entries and exits; technical indicators; trading strategies; rules of money management)
  • How is the result(your annual income ) or if you haven`t found your way, How much money have you lost(if you don`t mind)?
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?
  • Experiences or advice (about the technical indicators, the trading psychology or money management)
  1. Which books on forex trading or investing are your favorite?
  2. What have you learned from these books?
  3. Who is your admirable trader or master? why?
  4. Your Words of Wisdom or motto about trading
  5. Your social contact: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email
  6. Please write your story to our email: strafx【at】strafx【dot】com

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