What are the Best Strategies for Swing Trading?

Trading in the direction of the central bank stance

There are many ways to trade the markets from a swing trading standpoint. Whatever strategy you are using, it’s crucial to look for attractive reward-to-risk opportunities and to trade in the direction of the underlying trend. Here, we’ll take a deeper look into two very powerful swing trading strategies. The first one is solely based … Read more

Trading Chaos: How to Understand the Markets and Profit from Them

Trading Chaos

Markets are not linear in their nature, and so any linear trading tools won’t produce consistent profits over time. Just like mountains, clouds, riverbeds, coastlines, and lightning, markets are the product of constant chaos coming from a variety of market participants. However, just like in nature, chaos will ultimately lead to self-organization on a higher … Read more

What are the Best forex Risk Management Strategies?


Every professional, successful, and the consistently profitable trader has strict risk management strategies in place. They know where to place their stop, how much risk to take, how to identify a realistic reward-to-risk set up, and cut their losing trades short – always. Here, we’ll cover the best forex risk management strategies that you need … Read more

Best Strategies to Avoid Unreasonable Stops

If there is one thing that is absolutely necessary for becoming a consistently profitable trader, that would be controlling your risk. And what tool serves better that purpose than stop-loss orders. Many traders place their stop-losses at unreasonable levels, where the market repeatedly stops them out of their trades. Here are the Best Strategies to … Read more