A Breakdown of Markets and Human Nature

While it’s quite easy to place a trade and watch how it trades in profit or loss after a few minutes, not many traders truly understand the markets. Markets are very complex, yet quite simple at the same time. Once you understand how markets operate at a truly fundamental level, it will completely change the … Read more

How to Use Moving Averages to Find Trading Opportunities?

Some of the first technical indicators or trading tools in general that new traders encounter are moving averages, and there is a simple explanation for this: MAs are extremely powerful. Moving averages can be used in a variety of setups, from trend-following to counter-trend trading, and can be effectively combined with other technical indicators if … Read more

A Complete Guide to the Vegas Tunnel Trading System

The Vegas Tunnel Trading System was developed by a famous Forex trader named Barry Haigh. Barry worked at the Mid America Commodity Exchange as a newbie trader where he thought about how the markets operate and what trading systems would generate the best results. Do complex systems really generate better returns than simple ones? What … Read more

Best Strategies to Avoid Unreasonable Stops

If there is one thing that is absolutely necessary for becoming a consistently profitable trader, that would be controlling your risk. And what tool serves better that purpose than stop-loss orders. Many traders place their stop-losses at unreasonable levels, where the market repeatedly stops them out of their trades. Here are the Best Strategies to … Read more

How to Reduce Lag in Moving Average and Get More Accurate Entries and Exits

Do you use moving averages in your trading? Do you have a trading strategy that is based on simple moving averages (SMAs) or exponential moving averages (EMAs) but feels that your performance could be better if the MAs were faster and more precise?Fortunately, there are other moving averages besides the super-popular SMAs and EMAs. Each … Read more

Pros and Cons of Trading with Forex Indicators

How to Trade the MACD Indicator

Many new traders to the forex market start experimenting with various forex indicators in their beginnings, making their trading platform look like a Christmas tree. However, I can’t blame them as I’ve started trading the same way. My charts were cluttered with technical indicators, and I could barely see the price chart itself. I was … Read more